Procurement for Clubs and Societies

Current Supply Arrangements

Rules and Regulations


Guidelines for Completion of Transaction Authorisation Form and Asset Management containing guidance on:

  • ­Information to be Provided for Procurement Orders & Purchase Card Transactions
  • VAT Codes – Procurement Order, Purchase Card Transaction and Manual Cheque
  • Permissible Expenditure - Expenses Reimbursement
  • VAT Code – Expenses Reimbursement
  • Deliveries of Goods
  • Engagement of Individuals Providing Services
  • Inventory (Asset Management)


Procurement contacts for Clubs and Societies

Contracts/Supply Arrangements:

Procurement Office
Level 2
Administration Building
Tel: 028 9097 3026 (or ext 3026 from QUB)

Procurement Transactions:

Clubs and Societies Finance Office
Students' Union
Tel: 028 9097 3072/3070 (or ext 3072 or 3070 from QUB)

Any complaints or issues regarding clubs and societies procurement should, in the first instance, be directed to:-

Clubs & Societies Co-ordinator
Students' Union
Tele: 028 9097 1290 (or ext 1290 from QUB)


SU Vice President Student Activities
Students' Union
Tele: 028 9097 1050 (or ext 1050 from QUB)