Procurement for Research

Research Grant Expenditure - Protocols for Procurement and Payment

Guidance on the procurement and payment of goods and services for research has been developed jointly by the Procurement Office and the Research Support Office. This guidance also defines the various third party providers, who may work with the University on research grants, and explains the different relationships of these third parties with theUniversity.

Purchasing Research Equipment

Research Equipment Affinity Group (REAG)

The Research Equipment Affinity Group (REAG) was established in January 2000 to influence institutions, funding bodies and suppliers so as to continually improve the procurement process for research equipment for the UK higher education sector in order to maximise the quality of science from the available funding.

REAG’s strategy has been developed to provide guidance and support for the continual improvement of professional procurement within the sector and to encourage the participation and collaboration of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), funding bodies, suppliers and manufacturers in order to achieve best value.