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The Research Finance Office provides a professional support service to researchers at Queen’s with a wide range of finance-focused activities involved with externally funded research grants. The Research Finance Office is part of the Finance Directorate and is located in the Administration Building (Level 2), Main Site.

Contacting the Research Finance Office

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New Approach to Professional Services – September 2015

To achieve the ambition of Vision 2020, including that for research, a results-oriented business development approach will be necessary to deliver enhanced performance.  All areas will be required to operate within a culture of shared leadership – ‘One University’ – creating empowered and enabled leaders capable of combining conviction with action to deliver agreed targets.

New Faculty structures have been established, led by Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellors (PVCs), with the support of Faculty Executive Boards (FEBs). 


Professional Services teams have also been established within each Faculty and will be co-located within Faculty Offices.  The Professional Services sector is, accordingly, being restructured to facilitate embedded and integrated working across the University and to ensure that holistic plans are developed, supported by comprehensive implementation plans which deliver real outcomes.

The concept of partnering with, and proactively supporting, Schools and Directorates is not new to the Finance Directorate.  The Territorial Officer approach has successfully operated for a number of years, particularly within Management Accounting and Research Finance.  Feedback from Schools and Directorates has been extremely positive, recognising the value added of this partnership approach. 


The creation of multi-professional Faculty teams will, however, allow Finance to further enhance this support, through the embedding of core Professional Services staff at the heart of decision making within the Faculty.  There will be a clear alignment of targets and objectives and a range of services provided to support the “total economy” of the Faculty. 


In line with the agreed structure and, from September 2015, dedicated Finance posts will be embedded within the Faculty Offices, with day-to-day management responsibility residing with the Faculty Director of Operations.


Finance Support for Research Grants

The changes outlined in the previous section are intended to further enhance Finance support available to Faculties, Schools and researchers over the whole duration of the research grant process.

Faculty Finance

Finance Business Partners and their teams will be a point of contact for enquires and support for research grants in the Faculty Offices. Staff in these teams can provide professional advice and support on a broad range of finance issues, focused directly on the needs and objectives of the Faculty. This includes:

  • University grant processes;
  • Costing projects and understanding project viability;
  • Completing and submitting grant applications;
  • Application approval – compliance with the Faculty Approval Checklist;
  • Updating University systems and records;
  • Reviewing offers of funding;
  • Approval of awards;
  • Setting up financial management/accounting records for research grants and agreeing budgets;
  • Approving posts funded from research grants;
  • Point of contact for specific queries on any aspect of a grant at any stage in its lifecycle.


The services provided by the Faculty Finance Teams will be in partnership with other professional support services including those provided by Research and Enterprise (see below) and Human Resources.

In particular, a critical partnership will be between the Faculty Finance Teams and Research Finance.


Research Finance

Research Finance will remain in the central Finance Directorate. The main focus of Research Finance will be to work in partnership with Faculty Finance Teams, Schools and researchers to provide professional support on the finances of research grants awarded to the University.

Research Finance will include Faculty-facing teams that will provide dedicated professional support to Schools and researchers on a broad range of finance activities involved with research grants when awarded. This includes:

  • Point of contact for advice in the financial administration of research grants;
  • Accounting for research;
  • Preparation of claims for funding;
  • Recovery of research income;
  • Supporting funder vouching and audit;
  • Development of University systems for research;
  • Updating University systems and records;
  • Reporting on research activity;
  • Monitoring the balances on research grants;
  • Liaison with Funding bodies and collaborating organisations;


These include the Faculty Finance Team (FFT) having an oversight of post-award activity for all grants in the Faculty that they support. The FFT will take grant applications and resulting awards right through to project set-up on Qfis after which, the post-award financial administration will be undertaken by dedicated Faculty-facing staff in the Research Finance Office.

We fully expect colleagues in the FFT and Research Finance to liaise during the handover and continue to do so if issues arise during the grant. The FFT will also receive regular grant balance reports for their Faculty and, again the staff in Research Finance and the FFT will liaise regularly to discuss issues and, agree how these should be addressed.


Where to Find Us

Research Finance is located in the Administration Building (Level 2), Main Site.


The new Faculty Offices are located as follows: 

  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences - 71 University Road; 
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences - 6 Malone Road; 
  • Medicine, Health and Life Sciences - 73 and 75 University Road. 

 To contact the Faculty Offices please click on the following link:       Contact - Faculty Finance


The Research and Enterprise Directorate

The Research Support Office works closely with staff in the Research and Enterprise Directorate, whose 8 specialised teams support researchers to access funding and form new collaborations, manage governance procedures, support and develop research information systems and manage the contracting process.

The Research and Enterprise Directorate also works with University colleagues, students, industry and the community to provide support from the conception of an idea or technology through to a range of knowledge exchange and commercialisation outcomes.

To contact Research and Enterprise please click on the following link:   Research and Enterprise  


Comments or Complaints

If you would like to make a comment or complaint about the service provided by the Research Finance Office please send this to the following email address:

Alternatively you can telephone the Research Finance Office on the following number:

External: 02890 975181