Research Council Awards

Research Councils (RCUK)

The Research Councils are a major vehicle of the Government for sponsoring research in UK Universities. The seven Research Councils invest around £2.8 billion each year in research covering the full spectrum of academic disciplines from the medical and biological sciences to astronomy, physics, chemistry and engineering, social sciences, economics, environmental sciences and the arts and humanities. The seven Research Councils and links to their respective websites are:

The seven Research Councils form a strategic alliance known as Research Councils UK (RCUK) that co-ordinates cross-Council collective activities and provides a portal to individual Councils support for research, training, knowledge transfer and public engagement. The RCUK website can be accessed by clicking here.

Research Councils form an important source of funding for research for the University. The Councils aim is to fund the very best world-class research as judged by independent, expert peer review. Therefore, research grants awarded by the Councils are prestigious and add to the academic reputation of the participating researchers and the University. As such, the grant application process for Research Council grants is highly competitive. It is therefore important that high-quality grant applications that fulfil all Research Council call criteria, are considered and adhered to. It is equally important that research grants awarded are managed in line with the terms and conditions of the award made by the Councils.  Detailed information on the grant applications process and associated criteria is provided on the RCUK and Research Council websites. Links to some specific and important information on these websites is provided as follows:

Support for Research Council Grant Proposals

The University has in place a range of professional support to assist researchers through all of the stages in preparing a competitive research proposal for Research Council Funding.

A step-by-step guide to the stages involved and the support available can be found by clicking here

Research Councils (RCUK) – fEC Grant Terms and Conditions

When RCUK awards a research grant to the University the letter of offer will refer to the standard terms and conditions that apply to the grant. For some awards additional terms and conditions will also be included. It is essential that when a Research Council awards a research grant to the University that the Principal Investigator on the grant reads all the terms and conditions and accepts them before the award is activated. The Research Finance Office staff will also read and be familiar with the terms and conditions and can advise the research teams on what these mean in practice for the management of the award.

A copy of the standard terms and conditions will accompany the letter of offer from the Research Council. RCUK also provide on-line access to standard fEC grant terms and conditions and these can be viewed using the following link: RCUK Grant Standard Terms & Conditions 


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