Key Contacts

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Below is a list of Key Staff in the Finance Directorate with their contact information


Senior Management Team

Finance Management Team

Director of Finance: 
Wendy Galbraith
Ext: 3018

The Finance Management Team includes the members of the

Senior Management Team, together with the following individuals: 

Deputy Director of Finance: 
Anne McLaughlin
Ext: 3030

Head of Cost and Capital Accounting: 
Brian Gribbin
Ext: 5222

Capital & Costing

Head of Planning: 
David Totten
Ext: 2511


Head of Corporate Accounting and Financial Management
Leigh Warren
Ext: 1409

Financial Planning & Management Accounting

Head of Accounting Services: 
Margaret Connolly
Ext: 3020

Accounting Services 

Head of Pensions,Tax and Insurance: 
Alan Crowe
Ext: 3023

Pensions Tax & Insurance

Financial Controller: 
Gillian Mayhew
Ext: 1157

Financial Services

Head of Procurement: 
Joanne Mohammed
Ext: 3026



Head of Research Finance: 
David Robinson
Ext: 1354

Research Finance


Head of Financial Systems and Business Support:
Colin McGuckin
Ext: 1128

Financial Systems & Business Support