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Welcome to Pensions at Queen's
Welcome to Pensions at Queen's

Pension Schemes

Employees of the University are provided with access to a generous occupational pension.

As an employee, the pension scheme to which you are eligible depends on your grade:

  • Membership of the Retirement Benefits Plan (known as RBP) will be available to employees graded 1 to 5.
  • Membership of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (known as USS) will be available to employees graded 6 / Ac1 and above.
  • Membership of the National Health Service / Health & Social Care scheme (known as HSC) will be available to those who are employed in a clinical role and who were already an active member of the NHS/HSC scheme immediately before their employment with the University. For more information on the HSC scheme please click here.

Your contract will confirm which pension scheme you are eligible to join.  New employees are contractually enrolled into the relevant pension scheme on the month they commence employment.  

Non-employees, i.e. those who have a 'Contract for Services', will be eligible to join NEST.  For more infomration about NEST please click here.