Corporate Reporting


The Qsis Reporting Working Group was established to explore how the University can make best use of SQL Server Enterprise 2012 technology in order to roll out a management information solution across the University.

This group is comprised of members from The Planning Office, Information Services, Qsis Projects, DASA and School Managers.

Development Phases

Phase 1

To develop a simple and concise data warehouse using SQL Server Enterprise architecture technologies adapted primarily for management information from student data on Qsis.

The data requirements are built around student and student instance data from Qsis. Reports will be made available to a limited number of users and the means to develop reports against shared data models.

Phase 2

Increase the scope of development to include KPI19 Degree Classification and include a new area of reporting around the calculation of student FTE, based on module enrolments.

Access to Corporate Reporting extended to Heads of School and Directors of Education.

Phase 3

The development of additional KPI reports, namely KPI 17 Undergraduate Average Tariff Entry Points and KPI 21 Destination of leavers of Higher Education (employment). In addition existing reports will be refined to incorporate Faculty structures in line with Vision 2020.

Phase 4

Building on the existing infrastructure to include results from the National Student Survey NSS, a Student Status report to aid in identifying student retention issues, focus on Vision 2020 objectives and facilitation of changes to reflect the new University structure.

Phase 5

This phase of development facilitates reporting against Corporate Plan targets. It provides a calculation of student FTE and links with student instance and student fee data, providing a holistic view of FTE, headcount and Net fee.


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