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The photographers within the Marketing and Creative Services team (Student Plus Directorate) provide a comprehensive photographic service and must be contacted in the first instance. The photographers undertake work on a 'first-come-first-served'basis during normal office hours. Evening and weekend work can be arranged by contacting

There is a guide project fee of £30 per hour with small additional charges for image supply and for prints, details of which can be obtained by contacting Preview websites or contact sheets are £7.50.

Images are dispatched to any internal or external publication by network transfer or email. Prints of any size can also be supplied.

Confirmation of prices, or further details on the range of services offered should be directed to or by clicking here to access the Marketing and Creative Services website.

 If the Marketing and Creative Services photographers are unavailable, those appointed to the panel of freelance photographers may be contacted directly.

 With effect from 1st April 2010, the following freelance photographers have been appointed to service the needs of the University.  The contract has been awarded in two Lots.  Lot 1 is for Press & Public Relations Photography and Lot 2 is for Creative Photography.  Please note that under this arrangement, each job will be awarded in rank order to the providers on the panel for each Lot.  Therefore Paul McErlane Photography should be approached first in every instance and only if he is unavailable would you approach Press Eye etc.

Details are as follows:-

Please click on

Lot 1 Press and Public Relations

Lot 2 Creative