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The Procurement Office offers an annual programme of training, as part of the University's Staff Training and Development Programme.  Details of the courses for 2013-14 will be published shortly. Delegates can register for all courses via Queen's Online by clicking on 'Training' under the list of services and following the prompts.

One-off training sessions for Schools and Directorates, on procurement-related matters, can also be provided on request (contact Jackie Glackin).

Procurement for the University

This course is mandatory for anyone acting in the capacity of Nominated Buyer or Qfis Clerk and is essential for anyone who is likely to be involved in buying goods or services, particularly those who have recently joined the University.  It aims to provide the necessary guidance to ensure that purchasing power is maximised, that value for money is obtained and that legal requirements are met.

Course timetable for 2014-15 - to be confirmed

As an alternative to attending this course, Nominated Buyers and Qfis Clerks may attend a summarised version of the course which is held to coincide with training on the Qfis financial system.  For further details, please contact Lorraine Stobo, Procurement Systems Co-ordinator.

Using Your Purchasing Card

It is essential that all cardholders and cardholder nominees attend this course which covers all aspects of using purchasing card for the purchase of low value goods and services.

Course timetable for 2014-15 - to be confirmed

Training for Budget Holders and Authorised Signatories

A training course is currently being designed specifically for budget holders and those with responsibility for authorising transactions with a financial implication.  Further details will be published in due course.

If you wish to obtain the training materials for any Procurement courses please contact Jackie Glackin.