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Environmental Purchasing - Information for Suppliers

The Higher Education sector is a major purchaser of goods and services and therefore has a major impact on the environment, people and communities.  Queen's University Belfast aims to influence suppliers in creating a greener environment and a market for more ethical products.

There are several environmental, economic and social reasons why Queen's undertakes greener purchasing:-

  • ensuring compliance with legislation
  • conservation of natural resources
  • reducing pollution
  • reducing amount and type of waste sent to landfill
  • cost savings - greener alternatives may be more energy-efficient in the long run
  • enhancing the University's corporate image

Environmental Policies

In 2006, an Environmental Management System (EMS) was established jointly by the Estates Department and the Purchasing Office.  Following this, in January 2007, ISO 14001 Environmental Systems Standard Certification was achieved and the Queen's University Belfast Environmental Policy Statement was produced.

As part of this process, and its commitment to environmental responsibility and awareness, the Purchasing Office and Estates Department have developed a joint Environmental Policy.

As it is recognised that much of our indirect environmental impact lies in our supply base, to ensure the appropriate level of environmental performance of the University's suppliers, a Green Procurement Policy has been produced.

Green Guidelines for Suppliers

Green Guidelines have been produced by the University to explain to suppliers what the University is trying to achieve in terms of green purchasing.  Suppliers are encouraged to review these guidelines.  Where practicable, the University will trade only with suppliers which have developed sound environmental credentials.  Currently, the University has in place a number of 'green' contracts for commodities and services.