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Qfis ABW Route 66

       MICROSOFT Update to Internet Explorer version 10

Due to an automatic Microsoft upgrade to Internet Explorer in the latest Microsoft update release some users are experiencing display difficulties when accessing Qfis via the web - the new version of Internet Explorer is Version 10.

How do I know which version of Internet Explorer I am using?

Open Internet Explorer, and on any screen just press the following keys in sequence - 'Alt', 'H', 'A'.     

 The pop up screen will tell you which version you are on.  

Users have reported experiencing the following:



To resolve this please amend your Internet Explorer settings as follows:

Under 'Tools', there is a menu option called 'Compatibility View', click on this to select it....



You may receive the following message, select 'Leave this page' and log in again.





Once you have logged in again the menu should be displayed as normal...