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Additional Features

Additional Features

Project Index and Filters

pFACT also has a range of additional features on the ‘Project Proposal Summary’ window to assist researchers with preparing the costing for research projects. A brief explanation of these features is provided below:

Edit This facility allows system users to edit all initial set-up details. Users can navigate between the 5 windows described in the section Setting Up Project Details. It should be noted that costs cannot be edited using this function. To edit costs users should follow the procedures outlined in previous sections.

Long Title

This function allows a project title in excess of 100 characters to be included.
Notes This is a narrative field that enables the user to enter any supplementary information they may wish to record.
Change start date This facility allows the entire costings for the project proposal to be adjusted if a different start date is to be used. When the start date is changed it the system assumes that the project lifespan will not change and the end date is amended automatically. All inflationary and staff incremental rises will be recalculated to reflect the new period.
This enables a range of reports to be generated. The format of these reports is currently being developed and will be brought on-line as developed.
Replicate Project This function enables the user to copy all the details relating to the project to another project proposal title that can be subsequently edited.

This function can be used to identify currency exchange rates for projects where costs need to be expressed in a currency other than sterling. Note that the costs displayed on 'Project Proposal Summary' screen will always be in sterling and that the foreign currency details will be presented in reports only.

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Project Index and Filters

Researchers can see all the projects that they have access to via the ‘Project Proposal’ menu option. The system has been configured to provide academic staff with a list of all projects that they have created and those where they have been identified as a Co-investigator. Heads of School will be provided with a list of all projects relating to their School.

The index lists project proposals in order of the pFACT project ID reference number. The system also provides the user with the option to sort all the projects by a range of criteria using the ‘Sort by’ drop-down list on the main Project Proposal screen.

The user also has the option to create a subset of the project list using the ‘Filter’ menu option. This enables the user to select one or more criteria which must be satisfied before the project appears on the list.

A ‘wildcard’ function can also be utilised whereby selections can be made based on text appearing anywhere in the field. For example, a filter can be applied to show only those projects that start after a specific date and which have the word ‘science’ in their title. Once selected a filtered list can be analysed in detail or can form the basis for reporting.


A range of reports can be setup by the system to meet the needs of users, including presenting costing information in a format required by specific funders. These have yet to be fully agreed and this guidance will be updated in due course to reflect these developments.


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