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Getting Your Application Authorised

Getting Your Application Authorised (Interim)

This section is intended to provide guidance on the procedures that you must follow to have your application for external research funding authorised when it has been completed and before it is submitted to the sponsor. As noted in the section above you must ensure that authorisation gained is in line with:

  • Sponsor authorisation requirements
  • University authorisation requirements

It should also be noted that the signatures of those designated with responsibility for authorising research grant applications on behalf of the University may need to be duplicated on the sponsor application form and on internal University documentation. This section will provide guidance on the required authorisation, the sequence of authorisation and on the procedures that Principal Investigator’s need to complete.

University Documentation . The Research Grant Application Summary Form is the primary document used to record University authorisation of research grant applications. This form, containing summary information on the research proposal, must be used to record the signatures of authorisation required. This form provides a record of the necessary authorisation for the research proposal and will also provide documentary evidence that preceding authorisation has been received for each signatory in the process. The Research Grant Application Summary Form has sections provided in which the required authorised signatures should be recorded.

Sponsor Documentation . In addition to providing a University record of the authorisation for a proposal, sponsors will require appropriate University authorisation to be included with the submission of the research proposal. This may typically be a signature of the Principal Investigator and a University Administrative Authority. For those proposals submitted using a sponsor application form, notes of guidance will indicate what University authorisation is required. Your Research Support Officer can provide advice and guidance with all aspects of the authorisation of research grant applications.

Applicability . These procedures should be followed for all types of applications for research funding including cases where Electronic Documentation Submission is to be used or where there is no formal application form.

Authorisation Criteria . Differing levels of University authorisation are required for different types of research grant applications. The following sections outline the University authorisation required for the different types of research grant applications.

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