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Research Councils: Joint e-Submissions

Research Councils: Joint e-Submissions

The Joint Electronic Submission facility is a portal via which the Research Councils manage the submission of research grant applications employing an on-line electronic format. The aim of the framework is to maximise efficiency of the research funding systems using an on-line platform that has a common cross-Council look and feel. At present the BBSRC, EPSRC, NERC and PPARC participate in Je-S . The MRC does not currently participate in Je-S but does operate its own system for the electronic submission of research applications.

As part of planning your application for research funding from the Research Councils noted above, you should confirm if the application must be submitted using Je-S . If this is a requirement you should contact the Research Support Office who can advise you on how the application should be written, authorised and approved .

Work is ongoing to provide an automatic link between the costs and price determined for a research proposal using Pfact and Je-S. Until such a facility is available Principal Investigators should liaise with the Research Support Officers who will ensure that the information of cost and price is entered appropriately in the J-eS system.

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