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Research Grant Application Summary Form

Research Grant Application Summary Form (RGAS)

The Research Application Summary Form is used to provide a University record of each application for external research funding. The format is also intended to provide a template of information that is required when preparing an application. The purpose of the summary sheet is as follows:

  • To provide a University record of research grant applications. The information provided on the summary sheet is used to update the Research and Consultancy Database.
  • To provide a record of the necessary authorised signatory’s approval of the research grant application.

This form has the following sections:

Database Reference Number :  
Provided by the
Research Support Office and used to reference each research grant application.

Produced automatically with the pFACT costings

Investigator Details :
Requires details of the names and staff numbers of the Principal Investigator, any Co-Investigators and the School in which the Principal Investigator is based. Where there is more than one Investigator, each should be given a % share of the application, which should total to 100%

Research Project Details:
Complete with information on the project and sponsor details.

In addition, the Principal Investigator should provide the following information:

  • Funding body/sponsor programme (if applicable)
  • Funding body sub-programme (if applicable)
  • Funding body reference (if applicable)
  • Application type (i.e. research grant, fellowship, studentship, etc)
  • Estimated start date
  • Duration

Financial Details:
This information must be derived from a costing prepared using the
pFACT on-line full economic costing tool. The section on Costing the Research Project provides guidance on using this tool. A completed pFACT summary screen should be attached to the Research Grant Application Summary form to provide a record of the project costing. This also provides supporting information on the project costing when the completed application is reviewed and authorised.

Research Partners/Collaborations:
For projects where the research will be conducted in conjunction with partners from other institutions or organisations details of the partners are required.

The summary sheet is used to record the authorisation of the application for University records. The section,
'Getting Your Application Authorised’ provides further information on procedures for research grant authorisation.

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