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When submitting an application for research funding, please contact your Research Support Officer (find out who!)

The Cochrane Library in Ireland – Fellowship opportunities

The HRB offers fellowships and training courses to encourage healthcare practitioners, academics, librarians, policy makers and others in Ireland to make full use of the Cochrane Library in their work or research, or in carrying out their own systematic review. We now invite applications for the following:


WHO should apply?
This scheme is open to individuals resident on the island of Ireland who are working in the health and social care area as health practitioners, researchers or policy makers, including those with no prior experience or training in conducting systematic reviews.

HOW many Fellowships will be awarded?
It is envisaged that at least four Fellowships will be awarded on the island of Ireland in 2010 (depending on the volume and quality of applications).

WHAT is the application process and DEADLINE?
Application must be made through the HRB online eGrants system. The deadline is
12.00 noon on Thursday, 20 May 2010 and applications will not be accepted after this deadline. Full details and guidance notes are available on the HRB website at www.hrb.ie

For more information about these Fellowships contact

Margaret Devitt                    t +353 1 2345185                 e mdevitt@hrb.ie


 Fulbright Commission   Call for Scholarship and Fellowship Applications

The competition for UK Fulbright Awards has now opened and full details on eligibility and selection, making an application, and award benefits may be obtained from www.fulbright.co.uk

Closing date for applications is 31 May 2009


Applications for the 2010 L’Oreal-UNESCO UK and Ireland

For Women In Science fellowships are now open.


L’Oréal UK and Ireland, the UK National Commission for UNESCO, the Royal Institution of Great Britain, and the Irish National Commission for UNESCO, have partnered together to provide a dedicated UK and Ireland For Women In Science Fellowship Programme for women scientists at postdoctoral level to enable and/or facilitate promising scientific research in the life or physical sciences.

Four Fellowships will be awarded in 2010 to outstanding female postdoctoral scientists to assist them with their research. The Fellowships are each worth £15,000 to support a 12-month period of research.

Visit www.womeninscience.co.uk to apply

Closing date for applications is midnight (GMT) 7 April 2010



European Commission Launches 53 Calls for Proposals


Please note that the European Commission launched 53 FP7 calls for proposals under various thematic areas on 30 July 2009.


Details for all these calls are available on the EC CORDIS webpage.


This web page can be viewed by clicking on the following link:


European Commission Calls


Individual FP7 call are listed below:


Latest FP7 Deadlines and future call information –




Budgets (where available) are in square brackets

All calls will be one-stage submissions unless specified (in red) 

Call documents can be downloaded from the call identifier link

Future calls expected are in italics – all dates tentative until published




11 March              Energy Part 1 Stage 2 (Full Proposals) for those retained at Stage1 FP7-ENERGY-2010-1 [54m];  Energy FET  Stage 2  for those retained at Stage1   FP7-ENERGY-2010-FET [18m]


17 March              ERC Advanced Grants – Life Sciences  ERC-2010-AdG_20100317 [590m for three domains]


7 April                   ERC Advanced Grants – Social Sciences and Humanities ERC-2010-AdG_20100407 [590m for three domains]


11 May                  ICT FET Open   FP7-ICT-2009-C   Batch 10 Short STREP proposals


18 May                  NMP   Large Stage 2 for those retained at Stage1 FP7-NMP-2010-LARGE-4 [105m];  Small Stage 2 for those retained at Stage1  [50m];  SME Stage 2 for those retained at Stage1 FP7-NMP-2010-SME-4  [20m]


6 July                    ICT FET Open   FP7-ICT-2009-C   Batch 9 CSA/ full Stage 2 STREPs


7 September        ICT FET Open   FP7-ICT-2009-C   Batch 11 Short STREP proposals

7 September        Marie Curie RG Reintegration Grants (ERG & IRG schemes) 2nd cut off  FP7-PEOPLE-2010-RG  [32m for both cut-off dates]


28 September      ICT FET Open   FP7-ICT-2009-C   Batch 10 CSA/ full Stage 2 STREPs




4 January             ICT FET Open   FP7-ICT-2009-C   Batch 12 Short STREP proposals


25 January           ICT FET Open   FP7-ICT-2009-C   Batch 11 CSA/ full Stage 2 STREPs


24 May                  ICT FET Open   FP7-ICT-2009-C   Batch 12 CSA/ full Stage 2 STREPs


Future Calls




18 February         Marie Curie COFUND Co-funding of Regional, National & International Programmes   FP7-PEOPLE-2010 –COFUND    (call expected 18 November 09)


25 March              Marie Curie IRSES International Research Staff Exchange Scheme  FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IRSES  (call expected 25 November 09)


8 April                   Euratom FP7-Fission-2010 [49.8m]   (call expected 13 November 09)


13 April                 ICT 6 [286m]  (call expected 24 November 09)


17 August            Marie Curie IEF Intra-European Fellowships  FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IEF  (call expected 17 March 10)


17 August            Marie Curie   IIF International Incoming Fellowships FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IIF  (call expected 17 March 10)


17 August            Marie Curie  IOF International Outgoing Fellowship  FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IOF  (call expected 17 March 10)


Future calls (without exact deadline dates at this stage – and all very provisional)



Autumn 10           ERC Starting Grants   StG4  [400m]   (call expected summer 10)


Spring 11             ERC Advanced Grants  AdG4   [869m]  (call expected autumn 10)


New funding calls and initiatives . . . . . . .


Closing Date

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

For the latest DEFRA calls click here


As detailed in document

RDFunding – For all health-related research funding

To search for health-related research funding click here

RDInfo (Part of the National Institute for Health Research)

As detailed in document

Methodology Research Programme

MRC working with NIHR to deliver the single joint health strategy

The Methodology Research Programme is a new funding programme led by the MRC as part of the MRC/NIHR single health research strategy, (press release).

The application process is now open and details about the scheme can be found by clicking  here

Medical Research Council

1 October 2008

For Panel meeting 2-3 March 2009



Wellcome Trust

As detailed in documents

Check out these websites for ongoing funding calls . . . . . . . . . .

Funding Calls from BBSRC - here

Subscribe to Special Opportunities RSS feed here

Funding calls from EPSRC - here

Funding calls from NERC - here

"ResearchResearch" - the new portal for Funding Opportunities.
Access through Queens Online ( Research Zone (
How to Develop a Research Proposal))

More information. . . . . . .


Closing Date

Funding for Social Science Research
Small Grants Scheme

Application materials and information about the scheme can be downloaded from www.nuffieldfoundation.org
Copies can be requested from:
The Nuffield Foundation, Ref: SGS/LB
Please ask for the Small Grants Scheme application materials

28 Bedford Square, London WCIB 3JS.
Tel: 020 7580 7434 (24 hour answer phone)

This is a rolling programme and there is no closing date for applications. The Foundation aim to make decisions within 12 weeks.

British Academy Research Grant Programmes

Small Research Grants (up to £7,500)
Grants available to support primary research in the humanities and social sciences

read more . . .

British Academy
10 Carlton House Terrace
London, SW1Y 5AH
Tel: 020 7969 5217
email: grants@britac.ac.uk


The Wellcome Trust: Engaging Science: £3 million grants programme. This programme is designed to support projects that inform, stimulate debate and address the issues that biomedical science raises for us all. The aim is to make biomedical science accessible to wide audiences.

The Wellcome Trust


Centre for International Mobility(CIMO)
Scholarships for young researchers (post-graduates after master-level degree or post doctorates) to Finnish Universities. The objective is to encourage academic mobility to Finland and to promote international cooperation in research and teaching. Scholarship period is 3 – 12 months.



ESRC: Teaching and Learning Programme.
Outline applications invited for Research Training Fellowship Awards. Fellowships are targeted at serving educational practitioners who wish to study for a research doctorate whilst continuing in their current post / profession.

Economic & Social Research Council


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