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When a Funding Opportunity has been Identified

When you have identified a potential source of funding for your research project and have decided to make an application it is suggested that you follow the guidelines outlined below before you begin work on the formal application. Recommendations on good practice are also provided to assist you with this stage in the process.

Sponsor Information

  • Read the sponsor's invitation to apply for funding and application criteria to ensure that your research proposal meets all of the criteria outlined (essential).

Assessing Applications

  • Discuss the proposal with your line manager and Head of School to ensure that the research proposal is in line with the Research Strategy for your School (essential).

  • Discuss the research proposal with your academic colleagues and your line manager to gauge the strength and competitiveness of your application (recommended).

  • Contact your Research Support Officer at the earliest opportunity to seek assistance with writing, compiling and submitting your application (recommended).

  • The Research Support Office maintains the Research and Contracts Database. This is a core university system holding information on all externally funded research applications and subsequent awards. You should contact the Research Support Office if you require information on the success rates for similar proposals and/or for the sponsor that you have identified (recommended).

Notifying Your Head of School

It is important that the University is in a position to capture information on all applications for external research grants for reporting purposes. This is primarily required to provide the Head of School with information to enable them to manage the external research grant portfolio for their School. This will also ensure that all applications for external research funding are in line with the School and University Research Strategies.

As such, you are required to inform the Head of School of your intention to apply for funding in advance of beginning the formal preparation of an application.

Notifying the Research Support Office

In advance of an application being submitted to a research sponsor you must complete a Research Grant Application Summary form ( RGAS ).  This form summarises details of your application and should be signed by you, your Head of School and your Research Support Officer.  This form provides a record of approval for your application and is also used to update central University systems with a record of your grant application.  Completed RGAS forms should be sent to the Research Support Office.

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