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Research Support Office

The RESEARCH SUPPORT OFFICE is responsible for supporting the administration of all externally-funded research in the University.  The office is located in level 2 of the Administration Building.  Telephone numbers can be found by accessing the staff pages  or by contacting the office on Ext. No. 5181.

The Research Support Office is structured in three teams, each led by a Research Support Officer, to facilitate Schools in applying for external funding for research and in the management of successful awards.  Click here to access the team responsible for your area.

Research Support Officers will also provide information and advice on:

Research Support Officers will also provide assistance with costing research proposals on the basis of full economic costs using the on-line pFACT costing tool.

The introduction of full economic costing highlights the issue of what price to charge sponsors for undertaking a research project. The section -  
‘Determining the Price to be Charged'   - provides detailed guidelines on this matter, however, academics should liaise closely with their Head of School and the Research Support Office when deciding on the price to be charged for undertaking research.


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