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Academic Support Directorates

When an application for research funding has been successful, and after the letter of offer from the sponsor has been accepted or a contract signed by the University,  the research can begin. The Principal Investigator is responsible for ensuring that the research is conducted in accordance with sponsor and University regulations and procedures. This section provides information on the research support services available to assist researchers with all aspects associated with effectively managing a research grant.

Academic Support Directorates

The Academic Support Sector is headed by the Registrar who is responsible for the provision of an efficient and effective unified administration in pursuance of all University objectives. The sector comprises nine academic support directorates which work in collaboration with Schools and Faculties and with each other towards achieving the University's end goals.

A number of these Directorates provide a service directly in support of externally funded research grants. This section summarises policies, procedures, guidelines, etc for the post award support services provided by these directorates.

The directorates comprising the unified administration service are listed below with a brief outline of their respective areas of responsibility. Detailed information on the full range of support services provided by each directorate can be obtained by visiting the web-pages indicated below.

Registrar's Office

Registrar: Mr James O'Kane

Web-link: Registrar's Office

Principal Functions: Leading and managing University unified administration, servicing for all core University Committees, Risk Management Registrar, records management, Freedom of Information Act, University archive.

Research and Regional Services Directorate

Director: Mr Trevor Newsom

Web-link: Research and Regional Services Directorate

Principal Functions: Regional activities, research policy, consultancy, postgraduate awards, intellectual property rights, research ethics and governance, Science Shop.

Finance Directorate

Director: Mr Norman Bennett

Web-link: Finance Directorate

Principal Functions: University financial planning, management and control. Forecasting, resource allocation, financial accounting, management accounting and reporting, research support,salaries, payments, income, purchasing, pensions.

Academic and Student Affairs Directorate

Academic Registrar: Post Vacant

Web-link: Academic and Student Affairs

Principal functions: Admissions Office; Centre for Educational Development; Careers Service; Counselling Service; Disability Services; Quality Assurance and Partnerships; Student Administrative Services and Systems; and University Health Centre

Marketing, Recruitment and Communications Directorate

Director: Mr Tom Collins

Web-link: Marketing Recruitment and Communications

Principal Functions: Media relations, Public affairs, University Events, University communications, Corporate identity, University publications.

Development and Alumni Relations Directorate

Director: Ms Aine Gibbons

Web-link: Development and Alumni Relations Directorate

Principal Functions: Alumni fund, Campaign for Queen's, Foundation Board, associations, events, reunions, publications, Convocation.

Estates Directorate

Director: Mr Gary Jebb

Web-link: Estates Directorate

Principal Functions: Acquisition, development, maintenance and disposal of lands, buildings and engineering plant. Provision of associated services including car parking, cleaning, portering mail, security, grounds and playing fields.

Human Resources Directorate

Director: Mr Sean McGuickin

Web-link: Human Resources Directorate

Principal Functions: Staff recruitment, contractual support, equal opportunities, legal services, staff training and development, safety.

Information Services Directorate

Director: Mr John Gormley

Web-link: Information Services Directorate

Principal Functions: University Audio Visual, Computing and Library Services. Including core administrative system support, computing infrastructure and technical support, learning and teaching support.

Commercial Services

Director: Isobel Jennings

Web-link: Commercial Services

Principal functions:  Catering; Child Care Services; Halls & Houses; Hospitality Services; Sport and Recreation

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