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Estates Divisions and Contact Information

Finance and Information

This division has responsibility for allocation, management and monitoring of estates resources. In addition, this division for the development of policy and practical operation of University Health and Safety matters.

Estates Planning                    

This division has responsibility for overall University estate planning and policy matters. You should contact this division when preparing a research grant application where you anticipate that the project may involve changes to the University estate or physical resources. The staff in this division can advise you on the feasibility of your ideas and, where appropriate, provide assistance with costing any agreed changes. This division also manages the utilisation of functional space, timetabling, room booking and conference management.

Estates Development                

This division has responsibility for the design and project management of new developments and major refurbishment. The management of minor works is also the responsibility of this division. The staff in this division will provide support for the design and implementation of approved changes to estate or physical resources that result from a successful research grant application.

Estates Services                       

This division is responsible for routine and statutory compliance maintenance, security, portering, transport, cleaning and car parking management.

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