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Authorised Signatory Forms

Authorised Signatory Form

When the Research Support Office has provided a Qfis project code for your research grant, you will be required to obtain and complete an Authorised Signatories Registration Form . A copy of this form can be obtained by contacting the Payments Office.

The Payments Office manages the University Authorised Signature Register . This is a register of University staff nominated to authorise financial transactions on behalf of the University from designated Qfis project codes. This system is in place to provide a control for the University, and as a protective measure for staff, to ensure that the University funds are committed appropriately. The types of transactions that may be required in support of research can include:

  • University purchase orders
  • Payment of supplier invoices
  • Payment of staff expenses using request for payment forms
  • Petty cash
  • Movement of funds internally within the University using internal transfer vouchers

On receipt of the blank authorised signatories registration form you should contact the School administrator who can advise you on the nominated staff in the School who can act as authorised signatories. The School administrator can also provide assistance with completing the form. The form requires the name, staff number and grade of the nominated signatories to be provided. For each nominated signatory you are required to indicate if that person has approval to authorise various types of financial transactions (i.e. invoices, purchase orders, etc). The completed form should be signed by the Head of School and forwarded to the Payments Office. The Payments Office may contact staff members who are new additions to the University Authorised Signatories Register to arrange to have a specimen signature provided. University purchase orders and payments for the research grant can be processed on receipt of the completed authorised signatories registration form.

The Research Support Office should be contacted if you have any queries regarding the authorisation of payments for your research grant.

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