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Qfis Management Reporting for Research Grants

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to ensure that the research grant is managed in line with University policy and procedures. The Principal Investigator is also primarily responsible for ensuring that expenditure on the research remains in line with the funding available. Project financial management reports are available to grant Principal Investigators via the University intranet.  Investigators can log on to Queens On-line and access reports containing up-to-date financial information on grants where they are designated PI.

Overall responsibility for the financial management of research projects resides with the Head of School. Ongoing monitoring of research grant finances should be conducted by the Principal Investigator and Head of School and any apparent variances from budget should be addressed at the earliest opportunity. Advice can be provided by the Research Finance Office on any aspect of the financial management of research grants. For occasions when expenditure on a research project exceeds the external funding provided by a sponsor it is the responsibility of the Head of School to identify alternative funding to cover these costs.

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