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Qfis Project Codes for Research Grants

Qfis Project Codes for Research Grants

On receipt of an acceptable letter of offer and/or contract you should contact the Research Finance Office to arrange for a unique research grant project code to be opened on Qfis (University central financial information system). You will be required to complete a copy of a Request for Qfis Project Code Form.

All external research grant project codes will comprise 8 digits and will all begin with the letter ‘R’, signifying a research grant. The last 3 digits (referred to as the ‘tail’) will reflect the School in which the research grant is managed (usually the School where the Principal Investigator is based). The numeric digits of the project code are used to separately identify each research grant associated with a School. For example, the Qfis project code for a research project in the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work would have the following structure:

R 1234 SSP

The Qfis project is a unique code that will be used to record income, expenditure and budget information that relates exclusively to the research grant. It will also be used as the basis for producing financial reports and claims to assist with the management of the research grant and to allow other authorised University staff to assist with financial monitoring of the grant. All correspondence should make reference to the Qfis project code.


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