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Research Start Notification

Research Start Notification

It is important that researchers inform the Research Finance Office of the effective start date of new research projects. They need to know the start date for each research project to allow budgeting, reporting, timing of sponsor claims, technical reporting, etc., to be planned.

The Principal Investigator should inform the Research Finance Office of the formal start date by completing a Research Project Start Certificate. Blank forms can be obtained from the School Office.  The Research Support Office will normally enclose a copy when sending out the notification of QFIS project code. The information required to complete this form is concise and includes:

  • QUB Grant Reference Number
  • Qfis Project Code
  • Sponsor Title and Code (if applicable)
  • Research Project Title
  • Name of Principal Investigator
  • Announced Start and End Date
  • Actual Start and End date

The Qfis project code will not be activated (i.e. you will not be able to process transactions) until the Research Finance Office have received a completed Research Project Start Certificate.


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