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Recruitment and Selection Procedures

A research project may require new staff member(s) to be recruited. The Personnel Office website provides detailed information to assist with the procedures required to recruit and select new staff members. The website provides guidance on the following topics:

  • Approval for new posts (EPAF)

    To enable the recruitment process to begin you will first have to seek internal University approval for the recruitment of a new post. The administrative process for the approval of posts has recently been automated. The Electronic Post Approval System (EPAF) is hosted on Queen’s On-line.

    The system allows the School to complete an on-line post approval form for the new post required. You should therefore liaise with your School Administrator to complete the first stage in the post approval process. When completing the post approval form you will be required to provide (or select from menu options provided) the following information on the on-line form:

  • Post Title
  • Staff Type
  • Qfis Account Code
  • Qfis Research Project Code
  • Post Type
  • Grade
  • Sponsor
  • Sponsor Reference
  • Salary Range
  • Gross Annual Cost
  • Duration
  • Estimated Start Date
  • Estimated End Date

    When the information fields on the form have been completed, the School Administrator can electronically forward the post approval form to the Head of School for review and approval. The EPAF system is designed to recognise authorised system users and, as such, can determine the process of approval necessary. For research grant funded posts the following stages are required:

  • School Manager/Principal Investigator - Generate and complete on-line form
  • Head of School - Reviews and approves post
  • Research Support Officer - Reviews and approves post
  • Personnel Officer - Initiates recruitment process

    Once the Head of School and Research Support Officer have approved a post the system will notify the Human Resources Directorate and provide them with access to the post details. This notification constitutes the required authority to allow the Personnel Office to formally begin the recruitment exercise.

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