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Researchers' Handbook

The aim of this Handbook is to provide easy, one-stop access, for the experienced researcher to those services and resources, and to also provide an overview of information sources for the novice researcher. Many of the Handbook's pages link to information located elsewhere on the Library web pages; others contain unique information, and all can be downloaded and printed. The information groups and services provided as part of the Handbook are summarised below. Links to each Handbook section on the Information Services website is provided and these can be accessed by clicking on the relevant heading.


  • Access and membership
    University staff and students are automatically members of the library. Employees of the Health and Personal Social Services (HPSS) AND Public Safety (PS) authorities are eligible to use the library under the terms of an agreement between the University and the Department. HPSS&PS staff can register membership in person. Membership forms are available on-line by clicking here.
  • Subject support
    Subject support for the Queen's libraries is provided by subject librarians organised into School teams.

    The subject librarians at Queen's aim to help researchers’ make the best possible use of academic research literature. Whether you're an undergraduate student undertaking research for an assignment, or a research student or staff member undertaking more extensive research, subject librarians can help you identify books, journal articles, and other literature that might be of assistance to you. Where full text resources are available online, subject librarians can help you navigate access.

    Databases designed to help you trace books, articles etc, or deliver full text, are available in all subject areas, and subject librarians can assist you by suggesting appropriate databases for your information needs.
  • Library Catalogue
    The library catalogue ( QCat) allows researchers to:
    • Find a book or journal in the library
    • List loans, reservations or fines
    • Renew loans and reserve items on loan
    • Access the full text of the library’s electronic journal subscription
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