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Research Support

Research at Queen's
Research at Queen's

The Research Support Office provides a professional support service to researchers at Queen’s with a wide range of activities involved with externally funded research grants. The Research Support Office is part of the Finance Directorate and is located in the Administration Building (Level 2), Main Site.

The Service Provided

The service provided covers both pre-award and post-award activities with a specific focus on finance. The pre-award support service includes:

  • Provision of information on funding opportunities;
  • Support and advice with preparing grant applications;
  • Advice and assistance with costing and pricing research proposals;
  • Approval and submission of grant applications;
  • Co-ordination of contract review and other legal requirements;

On receipt of a research grant the Research Support Office provides post-award support including:

  • Setting project funds and project budgets;
  • Establishment of appropriate financial management, accounting and reporting structures;
  • Advice and support with financial management throughout the duration of a grant;
  • Preparation of claims and reports to research sponsors;
  • Issuing of invoices for research funding to sponsors;
  • Provision of management information on research;
  • Audit Liaison.

The Approach

The Research Support Office has 4 Research Support Teams. Each team provides dedicated advice and support to researchers in a defined portfolio of Schools (click here to find out which team supports research in your School). Each Research Support Team is managed by a Research Support Officer who acts as the principal contact between colleagues in the Schools for which they are responsible and the Research Support Office. The Research Support Office is also responsible for a number of other research-related activities such as the maintenance of research systems, reporting on research activity and the preparation of financial information for the RAE 2008 and Research Excellence Framework.

Contact the Research Support Office

Please click here to find out how to contact the Research Support Office.