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European Commission Awards

EC Research Grant Guidance Notes

Information and guidance for Principal Investigators on the requirements for running a European Commission funded project can be found here

EC Project Management Templates

For the Dissemination Log Template click here
For the EC Timesheet Template click here


7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7)

The Framework Programme is the main instrument by which the European Commission funds research and development in the European Economic Area. This funding instrument is in its 7th phase (FP7) covering the period 2007-2013.

The broad objectives of FP7 have been grouped into four categories: Cooperation, Ideas, People and Capacities. For each type of objective, there is a specific programme corresponding to the main areas of EU research policy. All specific programmes work together to promote and encourage the creation of European poles of (scientific) excellence.

There are a number of different approaches to the administration of these 4 broad objectives. A simple diagram that illustrates the objectives and their associated administrative support structures can be viewed by clicking here .

The UK Research Office (UKRO) offers both introductory and advanced training courses for FP7 contractual and financial management, details of which can be accessed here


The EC Framework Programmes are an important source of collaborative research funding for the University. A main criteria for EC Framework Programme research funding is that the research project should be collaborative including research partners from other EC member countries. The University can participate in an FP7 project in two broad ways. The first is by being a partner in the project consortium. The other is by being lead partner or project co-ordinator. FP7 funding is prestigious and highly competitive. The pre and post award administration for FP7 research projects has a number of unique and specific aspects. The EC provides detailed information and notes of guidance on many aspects of FP7 funding by means of the CORDIS web portal. The CORDIS website can be accessed by clicking here.


Links to a number of relevant sections incorporated in the CORDIS website are as follows:

FP7 News/Events

Professional Support for FP7 Research Proposals

The Research Support Office can provide assistance with the preparation of the financial aspects of research proposals for FP7 funding calls. The Research Support Office can also provide support for successful proposals by co-ordinating the set-up of the necessary legal framework in conjunction with the University Knowledge Exploitation Unit. The Research Support Office will also provide assistance with putting in place the financial management and reporting arrangements for the FP7 award.

Timesheets for FP7 Research Projects

FP7 funding guidelines require organisations in receipt of research grant funding to maintain records of the time staff spend working on the project. The maintenance of such records is important as the amount of funding recovered from the EC may be dependant up the provision of this information and supporting documentation.

The University has engaged with other UK Universities, the UK Research Office (UKRO) and the accountants and auditors PriceWaterHouseCoopers and has developed a standard time sheet to be used to record the time spent by University staff on FP7 research projects and that satisfies EC reporting requirements. A copy of the timesheet can be downloaded by clicking here. Advice on the maintenance of time records and completion of timesheets can be provided by the Research Support Office.

(Please click here to download the European Commission Awards Word document)