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Disability Duty

Under Section 49A of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA 1995) (as amended by Article 5 of the Disability Discrimination ( Northern Ireland ) Order 2006), Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) is required when carrying out its functions to have due regard to the need to:

  • promote positive attitudes towards disabled people; and
  • encourage participation by disabled people in public life

Under Section 49B of the DDA 1995, the University is also required to submit to the Equality Commission a disability action plan showing how it proposes to fulfil these duties in relation to its functions.

For the purposes of the disability action plan the two elements are referred to as the “disability duties”.  

Please click here to view the University's Disability Action Plan

Disability Support Fund

The University has established a fund to assist staff with a disability to be more comfortable at their place of work.  In recent years the Equal Opportunities Unit has been able to assist disabled colleagues by purchasing various pieces of office equipment such as large monitors, voice recognition software etc. 

If you feel the University could assist you in this regard please contact Paul Browne directly on 02890 971045 or email  Please click on the link below to download an application form for such assistance.

Disability Support Fund Application Form