Human Resources

Work Life Balance Policies/Application Forms


Queen's University Belfast prides itself on being an Equal Opportunities employer, at the forefront of best practice in employment.  To further this aim, it has implemented a series of initiatives, including a number of 'work life balance' policies and procedures.  Advice on these policies is available from the EO unit.


 Adoptive Leave Policy      Application Form
 Career Break Policy   Application Form
 Career Break Extension Policy   Application Form
 Dependant Leave (incl Bereavement Leave) Policy   Application Form
 Flexible Working (incl part-time working) Policy   Application Form
 Parental Leave Policy   Application Form
 Paternity Leave Policy   Paternity Leave Form 
 Paternity Leave (Adoptive) Policy as above   Adoptive Paternity Leave
Shared Parental Leave - New Policy
Shared Parental Leave Form