Advertising Media

An effective advert should be placed in the media most likely to attract the most suitable candidates. Careful consideration should be given as to whether the advert should be placed in a print publication, as this can be expensive and adverts placed on the web are increasingly attracting more applicants and appointees.

Online media

Due to the increasing success of the web in attracting applicants and appointees it is recommended that appropriate web sites should be used where possible. All posts will automatically be placed on the University's jobs website at and all academic and research posts will also be placed in . These two sites are extremely effective in attracting applicants and appointees for posts.

Print Publications

The print media remains an important source for applicants and appointees. The Belfast Telegraph remains a major source for applicants and appointees, particularly for support staff. The cost of advertising in the national press i.e. Guardian, Times Higher Educational Supplement, Irish Times etc and for specific journals e.g. New Scientist, Nature etc is relatively high and careful consideration should be given to the choice of publications.