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Full List of Guidance Notes

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Advice for computer users "Are you sitting comfortably" 
Advice for computer users "Are you sitting comfortably" [pdf leaflet]‌ 
Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 
Approved List of Biological Agents (ACDG) [pdf file] 
Avian Flu



Chemical Weapons 
Children: Guidance on Safety of Children
Completing a Chemical Disposals Inventory 
Completing an Accident Report Form (AC1)
Controlled Drugs
Controlled Substances 

COSHH Amendment Regulations 2003  QUB only 
COSHH Amendment Regulations 2005  QUB only 
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health ACoP (sixth edition) QUB only 
COSHH Regulations 2003 QUB only 
COSHH Regulations - A Brief Guide QUB only 
COSHH Risk Assessment


Dangerous Pathogens and Genetically Modified Organisms
Dealing with Radiation Spills
Drug Precursor Chemicals 
Domestic Violence 


Explosive Precursor Chemicals


First Aid


General advice on safe working in laboratories 
General advice on safe working in laboratories [pdf leaflet] 
Genetically Modified Organisms - HSE Information Sources
Guidance on the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals
Guidance for work with Nanoparticles
Guidance for work with Irritants, Sensitisers and Other Skin Damaging Agents QUB only
Guidance on the Selection of Gloves for Handling Chemicals
Guidance on Standards for Radiochemical Laboratories in Non-nuclear Premises 
Guidance on the Accumulation of Radioactive Waste 
Guidance on the Disposal of Radioactive Waste to Drain 
Guide to the Genetically Modified (Contained Use) Regulations L29, HSE [pdf file] QUB only 
Guide to preventing injuries from glass and sharps 
Guide to preventing injuries from glass and sharps [pdf leaflet] 


Heating Flammable Liquids 
Health and Safety Information for Employees 
HSE Approved Code of Practice on Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations [pdf file] QUB only 
HSE Leaflet "Working with VDUs" INDG36 [pdf file] QUB only 
HSE Guidance on Display Screen Equipment Regulations [pdf file] QUB only


Information and advice to employees




Ladder and Stepladder Safety: An Employers' Guide - INDG 402 [HSE] QUB only 
Ladder and Stepladder Safety: Top Tips - INDG 405 [HSE] QUB only 
Laboratory Biosafety Manual (WHO) [pdf file] QUB only
Laser Safety Guidance Note


Model Local Rules for work with Ionising Radiation


New and Expectant Mothers at Work - Main Guidance
New and Expectant Mothers at Work - A Guide for Employers 2nd Ed. HSE
 QUB only 
New and Expectant Mothers who Work - An HSE Guide QUB only 
New and Expectant Mothers in the Catering Industry - Catering Information Sheet 19 QUB only 
New and Expectant Mothers - Guidelines for Expectant or Breastfeeding Mothers who work with Ionising Radiation - HSE QUB only 
New and Expectant Mothers - Infectious Risks in the Workplace - Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens QUB only 
New and Expectant Mothers - Sources of further information and Guidance - HSE QUB only 
Noise at Work


Occupational Stress Policy


Provision of Protective Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment 
Protocols involving work with Unsealed Sources of Ionising Radiation


Queen's University Code of Practice and Guidance on the Use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE)


Radiation Spill Kit Locations 
Radioactive Substances
Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrence Regulations (RIDDOR)


SACGM(CU) - Scientific Advisory Committee on Genetic Modification (Contained Use) 
Safe Use of General Purpose Fume Cupboards 
Scheduled Poisons
Smoke-free Policy 

Staff Counselling


Treatment of Phenol burns




Work at Height - A Brief Guide INDG 401 [HSE] QUB only 
Work at Height - Overview 
Work at Height Regulations (Statutory Rule 279/2005) 
Work at Height - Various HSE Leaflets 
Work with Chemical Carcinogens 
Work with Asthmagens 
Working in Isolation 
Working with Computers; What do I need to know?: Frequently Asked Questions 
Workplace Exposure Limits - EH40/2005 QUB only 
Work with Ionising Radiations 
Work with Ionising Radiations: Risk Assessment 
Work with Unsealed Sources of Radiation 



Young People at Work - A Guide for Employers - HSE Guidance HSG165 QUB only 
Young People and Work Experience - Health and Safety Basics for Employers - HSE Guidance INDG 364 QUB only 
Young People - Managing Health and Safety on Work Experience - A guide for Organisers - HSE Guidance HSG199  QUB only