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Biological Guidance


Biological Safety Policy

GMM Risk Assessment Form

COSHH Risk Assessment Form

COSHH Risk Assessment Form2

The Approved List of Biological Agents (ACDG) [pdf file]

Biological Agents:Managing the Risks in Laboratories and Healthcare Premises

Risk Assessment Guidelines for Work with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

ACDP Guidance on Infections at Work

HSE Guidance on Blood Borne Viruses 

A guide to the Genetically Modified (Contained Use) Regulations L29, HSE [pdf file] (QUB only) 


Genetically Modified Organisms - HSE Information Sources

SACGM(CU) - Scientific Advisory Committee on Genetic Modification (Contained Use)

COSHH Regulations and Guidance

Laboratory Biosafety Manual (WHO) [pdf file ]

General advice on safe working in laboratories [pdf leaflet]  Word doc

A guide to preventing injuries from glass and sharps [pdf leaflet] Word doc

Biological Safety Manual 

Staff Trained to Make Air Shipments in Dry Ice

Biological Safety Cabinets - Code of Practice

BioCOSHH Risk Assessment Form

List of School Biological Safety Officers