Smoking Policy - Implementation


Signage will be placed at main vehicle entrances to University premises, at or adjacent to the principal entrances to all University buildings and throughout buildings where appropriate.

The policy will be included in the General Student Regulations of the University.

The Policy will become part of the contract of employment of all current and future staff.

Contractors and visitors will be expected to comply with the policy.  They will be informed of its existence by the following:-  The policy will be made available on the Personnel Website;

The policy will be referred to in the 'further details' of all job descriptions;

The policy will be referred to in contractors' tender documentation;

The policy will be referred to in the booking process for all internal and external bookings of Queen's facilities;

Posters in rest areas, table notices, etc.

Responsibility for Implementation

The responsibility for implementation of this policy rests with local management and Schools.  Support will be provided by Directors and Heads of Schools who, in turn, will be supported by the Personnel Department and Deans of Faculties.


Breaches of this policy will be subject to the normal disciplinary procedures applicable to staff or students as appropriate.  Visitors who fail to comply, when the policy is specifically brought to their notice, will be required to leave the building.

Link to University Smoking policy review paper (Word Document)