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Accident Report Form (AC1) pdf file
Explanatory Notes on the Completion of AC1

Application Form for issue/re-issue of prescription safety spectacles.
Display Screen workstation Checklist.

Application Form for Eyesight Test (use of display screen equipment).
Permit-to-work Form.

COSHH Risk Assessment Form (extended form for non-chemists).
COSHH Risk Assessment Form in non-laboratory areas of work.
COSHH Risk Assessment Form (School of Chemistry).
Chemicals Disposals Inventory Form.

Form for the Registration of Radionuclide Users.
Radioisotope batch record sheet.
Registration of Users of X-Ray Generating Equipment.
Application form for issue of radiation dosemeter badges (Return completed forms to University RPA for processing)  - Excel Document.
Information to Support a Research Application for Procedures which involve medical exposure to ionising radiation in excess of normally indicated clinical needs.

Fume Cupboard and LEV Permit

Risk Assessment Form - Display Screen Equipment