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Safety Training Courses

The University Safety Service in association with the Staff Training and Development Unit (STDU) offers a range of courses at set times throughout the year.  Full details about the courses and course registration can be obtained through Queen's Online. The current training programme is available online.

The University Safety Service is also committed to the provision of addtional training by arrangement to meet the special needs of individual staff members and/or Departments.

The subjects include:-

  • First Aid
  • Electrical Safety
  • Laser Safety
  • Radiation Protection
  • Manual Handling
  • Health and Safety Management (for Managers, Supervisors, Safety Officers and Co-ordinators)
  • Chemical Safety and COSHH

Additional and specialist safety training can also be provided by arrangement  with exernal organisations.  Courses offered include:-
Portable Electrial Applicance Testing
Forklift Truck Operation
Safe Use of Pesticides
Compressed Gas Safety
Tractor Operation
Safe Use of Chainsaws
Radiation Protection Supervisor - General Course

Contact the University Safety Service for further details.