Guidance for Staff

Guidance Notes for Staff attending Training and Development Courses


Prior to attending a training/development course, internally or externally, including courses of study, your Line Manager should discuss with you the possible skills/knowledge that can be achieved by attending the course(s).




He/she should cover the following issues:


¨  The aspirations your Line Manager has as to what he/she expects you to achieve from the


¨  The areas of importance and relevance to the job you carry out

¨  The areas that will enhance your personal development

¨  The opportunities available for you to implement the information gained on the course

¨  The ways in which the skills/knowledge you have gained will be monitored by him/her

¨  Agree areas that will need particular attention

¨  Agree areas that will have direct effect on your day-to-day work or the work of the area

¨  Point out possible areas that could lead to your job enhancement now or in the future


In addition you should consider the following questions:


¨  How can the skills I have acquired be sustained in the day-to-day work?

¨  How will I monitor my effectiveness/improvement?  



Your Line Manager should talk to you as soon as possible after the course to find out:


¨  What you liked/did not like about the course

¨  If you had difficulties with any aspect of the course

¨  What your overall feeling was about the course

¨  If the course met your expectations and if not, why not?

¨  To ascertain if any follow-up training/development is required in the future


It is important that skills acquired during the course are put into practice as soon as possible.You will, therefore, need to discuss with your Line Manager how your work can be adapted to incorporate the training/development issues covered.Your Line Manager should help to monitor your progress in practising and developing these skills.


However, for a course to be of lasting benefit to you, it is essential that you take personal responsibility for monitoring your own development.This can be done by setting and working towards your own objectives, relevant to your job and career development.For example, you could note in your diary the dates when you will review the objectives you have set and by referring to the course notes to see how you are progressing.