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STDU’s remit is the training and development of all grades and categories of staff in line with the aims and objectives of the University.

STDU is located at 7 Lennoxvale, off the Malone Road, we have some permanent training rooms and six full time staff located here.

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  • Training and developing

Courses are open to all staff to attend and are free. Courses are facilitated either by STDU trainers, other colleagues from within the University or professional external trainers.

  • Supporting

We also provide support to staff for development leading to part-time qualifications and to attend external courses and conferences. All of our work is focussed towards supporting individuals, the departments in which they work and the University overall. We are therefore in regular consultation with staff and managers to ensure our work meets required objectives and we rely on this information.We are also keen to address specific needs by tailoring our existing courses or providing new training solutions.