Human Resources

Financial Assistance

Part-time Courses of Study Fund

The Courses of Study Fund is a limited budget which is open each academic year to all staff.  As with other budgets in recent years, this fund has been reduced with a corresponding impact on the number of staff we have been able to support and the duration of budget availability.  This year we have also received an unprecedented number of applications early in the academic year. Unfortunately, the STDU budget for the 2016/17 Courses of Study Fund has now been fully allocated and no further applications can be accepted. 

Study Leave

It is recommended that study/examination leave will be offered to staff when the course fee is being met by the University at 100% or 50%. One study leave day per examination plus time to attend an examination is considered a reasonable example. This must be fully discussed and agreed in advance between the Head of Area and the staff member taking into account work commitments.   It would be expected that additional leave would not be granted for courses of study not being supported by the University.

Short Course/Conference Fund

The STDU budget for the 2016/17 Short Course/Conference Fund has now been fully allocated and no further applications can be accepted.

Funding to attend HEaTED Training Courses (Technical Staff only)

All applications must be made in advance, discussed and signed off by the relevant Head of Area.

Contract Research Staff Training and Development Fund (Suspended)

The Staff Training and Development Unit established this fund to support school-based training opportunities for contract research staff.  Unfortunately, the fund is currently suspended due to a decrease in the funding made available by RCUK for research development activities.   For further information please see Contract Research Staff Training and Development Fund

Focussed support for Schools and Departments

In addition to the centrally organised events, STDU many be able to support and advise on how to address specific needs within different areas in the University.