Human Resources

Focussed support for Schools & Departments


In addition to the centrally organised events, STDU may be able to support and advise on how to address specific needs within different areas in the University.


Previously we have assisted Faculties, Schools and Departments with:

  •  Development based on outcomes of reviews within departments and training needs analysis
  •  Customising training for specific groups of staff
  •  Helping management teams within Faculties, Schools and Departments work more effectively and efficiently by the use of various techniques and tools
  •  Team development for specific groups and entire areas
  •  Improving personal effectiveness through development


We have customised some of the centrally organised courses to meet the needs of specific areas.For example, we have facilitated the training of:


  • Administrative, secretarial and clerical staff in: Team Building, Financial issues, updating IT skills, Committee Servicing

The Unit may be able to offer a limited financial contribution to areas throughout the University wishing to develop a focussed training and development event for their staff.  There must be a clear learning or development aspect to the event; this is also subject to budget being available. 



If any area, or group of staff, wish to discuss acustomised event, relevant to the work of their area, please contact STDU for further information.


Email:     Phone: 6590     Fax:  90976591