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Part-time Courses of Study

Fees for Part-time Courses Leading to a Qualification

Update: November 2014

The budget allocated for funding towards staff applications for Fees for Part-time Courses Leading to a Qualification offered by Staff Training and Development Unit for the current academic year 2014-15 has been fully allocated.

Unfortunately we will not be accepting any new applications for funding via this method in the current academic/financial year. The application form and guidelines have been withdrawn from this website and no new forms will be issued until 1 July 2015.  Staff are reminded that retrospective applications will not be accepted or funding cannot be carried over, i.e. funding is allocated for the academic year in which the course/conference takes place or the part-time fee pertains.

Staff who have received confirmation of support are encouraged to submit the relevant information as outlined in their confirmation communication as soon as possible so that funding can be processed.  It is the staff member’s responsibility to ensure that they have read and complied with the guidelines and information provided.

Study Leave

It is recommended that study/examination leave will be offered to staff when the course fee is being met by the University at 100% or 50%. One study leave day per examination plus time to attend an examination is considered a reasonable example. This must be fully discussed and agreed in advance between the Head of Area and the staff member taking into account work commitments.   It would be expected that additional leave would not be granted for courses of study not being supported by the University.