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Internal Development Opportunities

An overall view of our leadership and management development opportunities is available here

What programmes are currently available?

1. Leadership and Management Excellence

2. The Developing for Success Programme

1. Leadership and Management Excellence is a leadership development programme delivered by Louisa Hardman of the Leadership LFHE LogoFoundation for Higher Education, targeted at those staff with responsibility for managing people and resources e.g. senior staff of Academic Support directorates(Grade 8 – 10), senior Academic and Research staff(Directors of Education/Research, and staff at grade AC3/4)

The objective is to develop management and leadership behaviours and skills via an intensive programme of development modules on key management/leadership issues and themes, as well as 360 degree feedback, peer group learning sessions and identification of and action on a personal leadership challenge.  This programme requires commitment to attend for 11 days from December 2013 - June 2014.  A personal development plan and personal leadership project/challenge report will also be completed within this timeframe.  Participants must attend and complete all elements of the programme.  Completed application forms must be supported in writing by your Head of School/Director. 

View the Excellence Programme Information Leaflet

View the Excellence Programme Module Content

Admission to the programme:

Eligible staff will be invited to apply with the support of their Head of School or Director.

The programme accommodates 20 participants.

Given the significant investment by the University and participants in the programme, all applications must be supported via a signed statement by Head of School or Director to ensure the applicant’s eligibility for the course, alignment with development needs and commitment to attendance at all programmes /events

Click here for application form and guidance notes

2. The Developing for Success Programme is a range of open courses for staff in the relevant target group - mid-level managers/leaders and professional specialists in both academic (Grade AC2 and above) and professional support staff groups (Academic related grade 7 and above).Goldblatt McGuigan Logo

Courses facilitate a maximum of 15 participants unless otherwise indicated.

To facilitate management and leadership development for all staff within these staff categories.

Thinkpeople LogoThese open courses are linked to the behaviours in the management and leadership framework.  Each course is a separate development opportunity. Staff can choose any course that they wish to attend. Staff members are not expected to attend all events; they should choose only those courses relevant to their needs.  Attendance should be driven from the performance management and appraisal process so it is linked to both current and future performance objectives and development needs.

An overall view of the Developing for Success programme is available here

Details of specific courses within the Developing for Success programme are available to view here


Coaching, according to the CIPD is “ developing a person’s skills and knowledge so that their job performance improves, hopefully leading to the achievement of organisational objectives”

There are different types of coaching such as skills coaching which focuses on facilitating an individual to acquire or develop functional competence and transformational coaching where the emphasis is on facilitating an individual to work through options in order to find outcomes to challenges.

Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders

As a manager /leader , you can employ coaching as a method to increase performance and develop people.  We aim to give managers the skills to carry out coaching conversations with their people in order to bring about change and improvement.

Learn the practical skills required to conduct coaching conversations in our Introduction to Coaching as a Management Style course.

Senior Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is an opportunity for senior leaders to develop their personal effectiveness on a one to one basis with an experienced coach, in a totally confidential environment.   The coach helps you explore options and develop insights and can be a powerful tool for personal learning and change.

Some instances where Leadership Coaching may be helpful:

  •  To help you make the transition into a new role or deal with complex challenges in an existing role.
  • To help you think through options and develop outcomes if you have to plan or implement a major change
  •  To help you change a behaviour.

If you are interested in meeting with a coach, please contact Francis Guinane ( ex 6606) or Paula Teggart ( ex 6637)

Action learning

“there is no learning without action, and no action without learning”  Reg Revans

Action learning is a development process which involves a small group of people with similar or complimentary roles and responsibilities meeting together at regular intervals over an agreed period of time.  The group are assisted by a facilitator whose role is to help the members develop and work together effectively.

Each person brings to the group, a current, real, leadership issue or challenge.  The other members of the group, through challenging but supportive questioning, help the individual to gain insight and options, hopefully leading to action.  The idea therefore is that participants draw directly on work based experience and take what they learn directly back to the workplace.

Action learning is available as part of the Excellence programme or can be set up separately for interested parties.   Below are comments on Action learning from the first group of Excellence course participants:

In relation to helping my learning process the other members of the group provoked me to consider alternative solutions to challenges and helped make big challenges seem less overwhelming
Senior Academic Support Manager

The responses of critical friends were valuable in allowing me to see my own situation in a wider perspective
Director of Education

The input from the others on the set was also very useful with many helpful practical suggestions emerging
Senior Academic Support Manager

Action learning groups offered a unique and rare opportunity to discuss leadership issues and techniques with staff from very different areas of the university
Director of Research

If you are interested in participating in an Action Learning set, please contact Francis Guinane (ex 6606) or Paula Teggart (ex 6637)

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