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Welcome from the Vice-Chancellor

Professor Peter Gregson

In these ever changing and fast paced times within the Higher Education sector, having the role of a manager/leader in Queen’s can be both challenging and rewarding.  Reflecting on your role and responsibilities, you may well be asking yourself;

“Am I a good manager?
“Could I be better at leading people?”
“What does Queen’s expect of me as a manager/leader?”

Queen’s recognises the key role that managers/leaders have in delivering the University’s Vision through its strategic plan and the level of performance required to achieve this.  In fact, within our Corporate Plan, we clearly state that "we will cultivate an ethos of high quality leadership and management.  In partnership with the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, we have introduced pan-University leadership Development programmes to raise our capabilities and make our University ever more responsive to change."

This signals our commitment to providing you as a manager/leader with the support you require to develop your key management/leadership skills in delivering your objectives, and forms part of the overall strategic approach to improving Performance Management. Your commitment is also required in understanding your responsibility for your own development.

We aim to clearly set out what defines a Queen’s leader in terms of the behaviours required to both lead and manage: a framework, or reference point if you like, that will link our development programmes for managers to our strategy.

The Queen’s Management and Leadership Framework and its associated training programmes are described in these pages, so please take your time in browsing through them and seeing what development opportunities are available to you. This is an ongoing and evolving initiative and these web pages will keep you up to date with what is happening. 

Good Luck on your management and leadership journey. 

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