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Welcome and Orientation - Online Induction for new staff

You are joining a large organisation with new staff joining every month into a wide variety of roles. You should receive all the necessary information and support you need as a new member of staff from a variety of sources:

  • Personnel department (Human Resources) handle all aspects of your recruitment and official start date as a new member of staff. The Personnel Department also issues your staff card, keeps your staff record and will issue you with some information when you collect your staff card/number.
  • Your new department – your new department and management team should welcome you and ensure that you become familiar with your work area, colleagues, important policies and procedures, health and safety issues and most importantly your immediate work requirements.
  • Finance department – will take care of your salary and pension arrangements
  • Staff Training and Development Unit (Human Resources) – co-ordinate the welcome and orientation (induction) process, information and formal induction events.STDU will provide details of training courses, dates and financial assistance for training and development for all staff. Information is available in hardcopy format or on the website.
  • Information Services – will provide new staff with IT support, online access login details and e mail account etc.

This online resource is designed to bring together in one place all of the key information sources and links to the main Queen’s website and Queen’s Online that you need to be aware of as you begin your new job.

Don’t forget, as you join this large organisation it will take time to settle in, find your way around find out what you need to know.In all cases your manager or other experienced staff should help you with any immediate questions you may have.Other key staff contacts are ready to help and welcome new colleagues.