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Employees who feel listened to are more likely to care more. Employees who care more will provide a better experience to our students. This pledge to put our people at the heart of what we do is central to our People First Strategy at Queen’s.

Employees responding to the 2016 Staff Survey told us that they wanted more opportunities to make their voices heard. In response, the Staff Forum was established in June 2018. Made up of representatives from each School, Directorate and GRI from across Queen's, this group represents all of our people and provides the opportunity for everyone working here to share their views on the various ‘touchpoints’ that matter to our staff and make a real difference to their experience working here.

The Forum provides us with an opportunity to engage with our staff through their representative, gathering their feedback and listening to their suggestions for positive change. This enables us to co-create solutions that help shape and design a more positive Employee Experience which meets both the needs of the employees and the University. Since it's inception in 2018, the Forum has been instrumental in gathering the feedback that has shaped the Appraisal review, launch of PDR and Academic Progression, and informed the work of the Professional Services Career Progression Working Group. Forum members also worked to support the 2019 Staff Survey and gathered the feedback required to help create the Survey Institutional Action Plan.

The short video below provides further information about the work of the Forum to date, and you can view your representative or read more about the Forum below.

  • Staff Forum Representatives

    Professor Ian Greer Vice-Chancellor and Forum Chair
    Brian Parkes People and Culture Director
    Claire McLoughlin Faculty Office, AHSS
    Aine Maxwell Institute of Professional and Legal Studies
    Dr Michael Isichei Queen’s University Management School
    Dr Philip McGowan Schools of Arts, English and Languages
    Susan Templeton School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics
    Trisha Forbes School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work
    Shannon Caldwell Faculty Office, EPS
    Darren Baskerville School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
    Allister Lee School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Professor Francis Keenan School of Maths and Physics
    Olwyn Dawson School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    Dr Tristan Strum School of Natural and Built Environment
    Patricia Castle School of Psychology
    Dr Alice Dubois Faculty Office, MHLS
    Michael Hills Institute for Global Food Security
    Professor Bronagh Blackwood Institute for Health Sciences
    Gillian Riddell School of Biological Sciences
    Dr Declan McLaughlin School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences
    Lynne Marsh School of Nursing and Midwifery
    Dr Paul McCague School of Pharmacy
    Natasha Sharma Development and Alumni Relations
    Nick Bohill Academic and Student Affairs
    Hugh Lewsley Estates
    Michael Stevenson Finance
    Ayman Zagloul People and Culture
    Sally Bridge Information Services
    Dr Kathryn Boyd MRCI
    Laura Vannucci Registrar’s Office
    Colin Walsh Research and Enterprise
    Richard Robinson Student Plus
    Pauline Allen Vice-Chancellor’s Office
    Dr Lauren Dempster School of Law

  • Staff Forum 2019 Meetings

    Meeting One

    The Forum met for the first time in October 2018, and the meeting was chaired by the Vice Chancellor. Our main discussion topic was Appraisal and we received a huge amount of feedback reflecting the many and varied experience of all our staff across each of the Schools and Directorates.

    We have listened to everything you have told us as well as suggestions from senior leaders and are committed to making constructive changes aimed at putting our people first and creating a positive employee experience.

    Update: Following a comprehensive review, Appraisal will no longer run at Queen's. Instead, Personal Development Review (PDR) launched for all staff on 4 November 2019 along with a new approach to Academic Progression. You can find out more about PDR here.

    Meeting Two

    Our second Forum meeting took place on Monday 18 February 2019. The VC introduced the session and provided a summary of the feedback that had been provided by all Forum Representatives on behalf of their Schools and Directorates. Professor Greer confirmed that the Appraisal process would not run in its current format again and that a Review Steering Group has been established. The feedback provided by the Forum has been shared with this group and will feed into the review process, and the Forum is also represented on the Group by Forum member, Dr Michael Isichei.

    The remainder of the Forum meeting focused on the 2019 Staff Survey. You can read more about the Survey here.

    The next Forum meeting will take place on Tuesday 25 June 2019.

    Meeting Three

    The third meeting of the Staff Forum took place on 25 June 2019. The meeting began with an update on the Appraisal review process and Dr Michael Isichei - the Forum's Representative on the Appraisal Sub Group - explained some of the key changes, which are summarised here.

    The main focus of the meeting was on the institutional results from the Staff Survey 2019. The Group explored the results further and distilled priority actions at an institutional level to the following three areas of action:

    1. Health and Wellbeing
    2. Management of poor performance and inappropriate behaviour
    3. Working as 'One' University

    The Forum explored the best ways to gather feedback from all staff and agreed that consultation would take place between June and 20 September 2019. You can read more about the next stage of this process here

    The next Forum meeting will take place on Friday 25 October 2019.

    Meeting Four

    The fourth meeting of the Staff Forum took place on Friday 25 October 2019. This meeting was Chaired by the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer, Jo Clague, and focussed on presenting a summary of the feedback gathered by Forum members on the three key areas for action identified from the Survey results. The Institutional Action Plan was shared with Forum members, outlining both the actions in progress and the new actions, as well as considering the Forum's role in taking these forward. You can view the action plan here

    The Forum agreed to take forward Action Four, to build on our Core Values, and articulate the types of behaviours that staff should and should not demonstrate to create a positive work environment. However, embers agreed that as there has been a lot of staff consultation, this work should be paused until February 2020. The next Forum meeting will be used to plan how this activity will take place.

    The next Forum meeting will take place on Thursday 23 January 2020.

  • Staff Forum 2020 Meetings

    Meeting One

    The fifth meeting of the Staff Forum took place on 23 January 2020. The meeting was co-chaired by the VC and President, Professor Ian Greer and the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer, Jo Clague.

    The meeting focused on Institutional Action Four - Build on our Core Values ICARE, and articulate the types of behaviours that staff should and should not demonstrate to create a positive work environment.

    The Staff Forum is leading on this activity and discussed appropriate and inappropriate behaviours, as well as how the values can be translated into practice. The meeting provided an opportunity for Forum representatives to develop behaviours based on our Core Values.

    Representatives agreed at the meeting to seek views from colleagues to contribute to this important work and will engage with colleagues over the coming weeks to advise how they can play their part in this activity.

    We reflected on advice from Staff Forum representatives that it was important for staff to see the progress and the impact of their feedback before commencing the next feedback exercise. An all Staff Email was issued to staff on 4 February 2020 setting out the progress of the institutional actions and the important role that the Staff Forum plays in supporting this activity.

    The next Forum meeting will take on 23 April 2020.