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Fellowship Academy


Queen's Fellowship Academy

The Queen’s Fellowship Academy provides professional and career development support for Research Fellows recruited through the Illuminate Scheme, other internal Fellowship Schemes (MHLS Vice-Chancellor/Patrick G. Johnston Fellowships) and other staff holding specified externally funded Fellowships. Staff in these posts will automatically become members of the Fellowship Academy. The Academy supports members in their development and progression. Members of the Academy will be supported through individual guidance from their Schools, leading academics and Professional Services. Networking, mentorship and tailored development will be offered.

Queen’s is committed to supporting and developing Fellowship Academy members to become research leaders of the future. Support will be provided across three main themes:

  • What is an Academy fellow?

    Our Academy Fellows are researchers from across all three Faculties, who are developing their own independent research projects and broader research vision. They are a diverse and unique group who are at the cutting edge of their research areas. Alongside developing in their own areas, as members of the Fellowship Academy they are supported and encouraged to grow as leaders in Queen’s.

    Researchers are invited to join the Fellowship Academy as they successful apply for Queen’s Fellowships such as the Illuminate Scheme and Vice-Chancellor and Patrick G Johnston Fellowships, in the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences. Also, researchers who hold external independent Fellowships are invited to join the Academy. The one criteria for joining the Academy is that the external Fellowships should be for at least 2 years in duration. Staff in each of these categories who are eligible will be contacted and invited to participate in Queen’s Fellowship Academy activities.

    Who are the Academy Fellows

    Meet our Fellows

  • Welcome to the Academy

    As researchers successfully apply for independent fellowships they will be invited to join the Academy. Academy Fellows may be new to Queen’s whilst other will already work at Queen’s. In either case it is important that all Fellows have a structured and well planned induction to their new role, this aims to help them to be fully integrated within the University and to become aware of support and information specifically for them in their roles.

    Further information and guidance for Fellows is available in the Fellowship Academy Guide.

  • Academy Support

    Members of the Queen’s Fellowship Academy can access a range of learning and development activities and resources that focus on the three Academy Pillars of: Supporting Research & Funding; Leadership Development and Fellows Network. Support is available from a number of university departments and also through online learning and development resources.

    Further information and guidance for Fellows is available in the Fellowship Academy Guide.

  • Mentoring and Sponsorship

    Academy Fellows have access to academic colleagues and senior leaders to sponsor, mentor and support development.

    Ensuring Fellows have access to appropriate mentoring options is important to development and integration at Queen’s. People & Culture will consult with Fellows to ensure they have access to appropriate mentors. Schools are responsible for appointing appropriate mentors and, in addition, institutional sponsors will be available to Fellows. These sponsors will be senior managers who can provide Fellows with support and access to wider internal and external networks to offer support and guidance in developing Fellows’ leadership knowledge.

    Additional leadership programmes will be available to Fellows who wish to undertake more structured development.

    Guidance on mentoring for researchers are included in these booklets: Guide to Mentoring Staff and the Mentoring Postdoctoral Staff: A line manager’s guide to supporting the professional and career development of postdoctoral staff.

    Further online resources include:

    Vitae:mentoring research staff

    Professional Skills for Research Leaders - an online programme available through QOL online training resources.

  • Accessing other support

    Alongside the focused activities for Fellows, you can contact a range of colleagues to seek further support and guidance. Your manager and school colleagues are generally your first point of contact in seeking support. As a member of staff you have access to advice, guidance and support from a broad range of university teams. Further details on the services is available, alongside relevant contact details.

    Further information and guidance for Fellows is available in the Fellowship Academy Guide.