People First



We’re committed to being a truly listening organisation where all staff feel empowered to make their voice heard and are confident that they can play a role in shaping decision making within the organisation. Our new People Manager Essentials programme is central to achieving this

If you are responsible for planning and overseeing the work of others, and contributing to their development, then this programme is for you. People Manager Essentials acknowledges the valuable role of our managers and prioritises their developmental needs to ensure they are fully equipped and empowered to positively impact on the Employee Experience of those they manage

The programme is facilitated by the William J Clinton Leadership Institute and the HR Business Partners from the People and Culture team.

  • What is People Manager Essentials?

    We recognise that an individual's relationship with their line manager is a hugely important aspect of the Employee Experience, influencing not only ability to perform their role effectively, but also their wellbeing at work. To ensure that this relationship is a positive one, we are committed to providing the right support for our managers at Queen’s.

    The People Manager Essentials programme aims to support you in the totality of your role. It has been designed to allow you to develop your confidence, building your understanding of the role, and your knowledge and skills required to carry out that role in the best way possible. It offers short interactive workshops in each area on key management themes.

    It also offers you the opportunity to share experiences with fellow managers, build your network and learn from one another.

  • How does the programme work?

    The programme totals 4.5 days and will run three times per year: Winter/Spring, Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter.

    You don’t need to complete the programme in one season. You can complete the sessions in any order and at any time, providing a flexible approach that gives you ownership of your development and allowing you to choose the dates that work best for you.

    However, we do recommend that you complete the Managing at Queen’s session first. This is key to setting out the expectations of the People Manager role and to developing your understanding of your responsibilities. We also recommend that you try to complete all elements within a calendar year to ensure maximum impact.

    The programme will be offered initially as a pilot to an identified group of managers, and after review, it is anticipated it will be offered on a yearly basis.

  • What is involved in the programme?

    Build Understanding

    This element consists of one half-day workshop, Managing at Queen’s. This workshop will enable you to understand why your role is crucial in shaping the Employee Experience. It will ensure that you are aware of your responsibility to encourage positive engagement and help you to support your people to perform effectively.

    Build Knowledge

    This section consists of four two-hour Knowledge Workshops . These workshops are designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to use People and Culture policies, procedures and Best Practice.

    Build Skills

    This section consists of five half-day Skills Workshops. These workshops are designed to support you in developing and enhancing the behavioural skills needed to effectively manage your team.


    The programme is supported by People Manager toolkits and LinkedIn learning (online People Manager learning paths)


    A Celebration and networking event will be held at the end of each calendar year. This is an opportunity to celebrate success, reflect on learning and consolidate relationships and networks with other managers that can continue after the programme has finished.