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Campus Network Upgrade and Maintenance Scheduling

Information Services will, as far as is feasible, schedule any upgrade or maintenance activities in such a way as to minimise interruptions to the availability of the network service. These activities will normally take place during the "at risk" period between 07:00 and 09:00 on a Tuesday morning, to coincide with the "at risk" period used by SuperJanet4. In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to schedule these activities for periods other than the “at risk” slot. If so, Information Services will give at least two days notice to affected users.

If a fault occurs which impinges in a major way upon the network service provision, Information Services reserves the right to take network components out of service immediately in order to reinstate full service as quickly as possible.

Queries as to the progress of such interruptions should be channelled to the Fault Desk on extension 6110.

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