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Network Security Services

Information Services provides the security services listed to ensure the integrity and well-being of the information systems belonging to the University, to protect its reputation in the eyes of the world and to ensure adherence to the law and to the University’s and JANET’s acceptable use policies.

Monitoring and emergency response

Information Services provides the means to monitor unauthorised use of its own services supplied within the Central Services and of the client computer systems of the University.

Information Services provides a full incident response service during the staffed hours and acts in an emergency to counteract unauthorised or unacceptable use of its services or of the client computer systems of the University.

Internet Gateway

Information Services provides a variety of security systems for the University’s private network controlling the main ingress/egress point to external networks.

The security systems provide the following functionality, as a minimum:

  • The capacity to inspect each IP service connection entering or leaving the University’s Private Network.
  • The capacity to control ingress and egress of such connections by means of a policy designed to meet the security needs of the University.

These security services help to protect the University’s activities from disruption by malicious computer use or software applications. Software that exploits known faults in computer operating systems to gain access to the target system through the network is often referred to as a “worm” and this type of software has severely impacted the operation of many computers on the Campus Network recently. Generally, worms locate vulnerable computers by attempting to connect to every possible Internet address in turn – an activity known as “scanning”. Our security systems render the vast majority of scanning activity ineffective and thereby ensure that vulnerable computers within our Private Network are not “infected” from the Internet.

The security systems also serve to protect the reputation of the University by ensuring that any malicious activity or software originating from within our Private Network cannot “attack” the computers of other organisations on the Global Internet. This protects the University from embarrassment, perhaps legal action and from the threat of disconnection by our Internet Service Provider, SuperJanet4, were a sustained and damaging attack to originate from within our Private Network.



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