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Network Systems Provision

  The University‚Äôs network system currently consists of the following major building blocks:

  • a core network consisting of a high performance switch with a live backup core switch at a separate location;
  • resilient high performance name and address resolution services;
  • a resilient intermediate access network fanning out via fibre optic links to access switches, which in turn serve local campuses;
  • an edge network consisting of high performance Ethernet LANS serving approximately 8,000 computers;
  • a resilient central server farm network;
  • a 1 Gigabit Internet connection provided by UKERNA;
  • an Inter-network router plus security services at the front door of the network;
  • a remote access service for staff utilising dial-back modem technology;
  • an array of sophisticated network management systems.

The primary aim of the network services is to support the business applications of the University which currently run over TCP/IP and IPX protocols.

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